PocketSwitcher 1.0

Now the 'close' button really exits the application

As you've no doubt found in the past, any program run on a Pocket PC (including Windows Mobile 5 devices) will stay running in the background until you either power-down or manually close the program. PocketSwitcher provides an enhanced functionality for closing or switching between your running programs.

Key features of the program include:

  • Switch among Applications using hardware buttons
  • Close All Applications with a single tap
  • Close button really closes (or Disable Smart Minimize)
  • Easily Soft Reset your device

Switch Applications

Goto Settings screen and select a button on the PDA. After saving the settings, you can press that button to switch between applications (in round robin manner). Also select a button which closes the current application on the screen without using the stylus.

Close Button Really closes

Go to Settings screen and check the option to "Close application when (X) button is pressed" feature. This closes application in focus when close (X) button is pressed. Otherwise by default, Operating System just minimizes the application into the background, thus wasting precious memory and CPU resources. With PocketSwitcher, you can be sure that application is completely stopped.

Close All

Use "Close All" to immediately close all running applications on the device. You don't need to manually close them.

Soft Reset

Click on "Soft Reset" option to easily soft reset the PDA. There is no need to search for hardware soft reset button anymore.



PocketSwitcher 1.0